Social Media

Walking You Through the Social Media Maze

Do you want to keep connected but not be overwhelmed by Social Media? How do you find the time to utilize Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram, LinkedIn, MeetUp, Pinterest and Yelp? How do you decide which Social Media will best serve your communications and marketing needs.

At Wondervu IT and Web Consulting we know how to help you develop your Social Media skills. We’ll help you decide which Social Media App will enable you to make the best connections. We’ll help you setup your accounts including privacy and notification settings

Wondervu IT and Web Consulting can setup, customize and development post content for Google Business, Facebook, LinkedIn, Nextdoor, Instagram, and Twitter MeetUp, Pinterest and Yelp. We can setup a post schedule and edit the images you want to add. We also setup newsletter and email lists in Mailchimp and Constant Contact.

We also help translate the “geek speak” into something you can understand and use. We know how to make Social Media work for you. Wondervu IT and Web Consulting takes the Mystery out of IT!