Network and Internet Connections

Network, Internet and Wifi Connections

At Wondervu IT and Web Consulting we are Network experts. A reliable Internet connection is so important. It can impact everything from your computer connection for your business email to TV and movie streaming at home.

Wondervu IT and Web Consulting knows how to communicate with high speed internet providers like Comcast and Century Link. We’ll help you decide the best available option in your area. We can setup your high speed internet connection, switch you from DSL to cable modem. We take the mystery out of your WiFi.

WiFi Wireless Networks

Did you know how simple it is to enjoy the freedom of a wireless (WiFi) network in your home or business? We believe that Wondervu IT and Web Consulting can deliver a working WiFi network for far less then you imagined. Enjoy the freedom of sitting with your laptop anywhere in your home checking email or accessing the Internet. Have computers and streaming TVs in several rooms of your home or office accessing the Internet without the hassle of running network wire throughout your building. More…

High Speed Internet Connections

Are you confused by the complexity of establishing a presence on the Internet? Do the terms DSL, microwave, broadband and cable modem make your head spin. Are you perplexed by the choices Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer? The best choice is often unique to your situation and Wondervu Consulting will analyze the options and provide you with accurate information that will help you make the best decision for your needs. More…


Do you want to set up and organize your email so that it is useful tool for your everyday life?

At Wondervu Consulting, we have the experience show you how to make your email work for you. We can help you set up Outlook, Microsoft Windows Mail, Mac Mail, Webmail, Gmail, Thunderbird. We can help you move your address book and messages to your new email server. We can help you set security options, print your messages, save attachments to folders and create zip files for large email attachments.