Computer Selection, Installation and Device Integration

Is your computer broken and you have no idea what’s wrong? Is your connection to the Internet suddenly slow or unresponsive? Do you think it’s time to replace your equipment but you don’t know where to start. Are you unsure who to call to help you figure it all out? Which printer will work on all my devices and my computer?

At Wondervu IT and Web Consulting, we have the experience to quickly troubleshoot and resolve your computer and network problems. We also specialize in gathering your requirements, looking at your budget and finding you the best replacement equipment available.¬† We shop for you and find a computer, laptop, tablet, phone or printer that really meets your needs. The best thing about Wondervu IT and Web Consulting is we are here to integrate, support and update your equipment after it’s installed and setup.

We make house and office calls so we can troubleshoot your computer and network connection together saving you time and money. Take advantage of Wondervu IT and Web Consulting’s reasonable rates and free estimates. Contact us now to schedule an appointment.